Will Riley rumble Carl and Mercedes?

Heidi thinks Mercedes is upset about Carl’s treatment of her and asks her to come to a family meal she’s cooking. Mercy reluctantly agrees. Later, Carl corners Mercy in the toilets and the pair can’t resist eachother. But Riley has come to look for them, and as he is about to open the door he hears Heidi shout.

Frankie tells Jack and Gilly that she had a baby boy at 16 but he died. But Esther later tells her that he was in fact put up for adoption and is her father. After he died recently she found information about Frankie in his personal papers and set off to find her. When Tom finds out that Esther will be staying he calls Mandy and asks to live with her and Tony.

Silas is upset when Heidi’s mum’s ring goes missing. He’s looking round the flat when Riley introduces Ethan as a policeman, saying that he will report it as a theft. Back at Noah’s flat Doug overhears Ethan describe the missing ring and knows he’s in trouble. Later, he pretends to find it on the floor and Noah says he can pay the deposit with the reward money.

Also; Mandy is the sender of Warren’s threatening texts.

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