Ringo takes his mum’s advice and confides in Rachel about his eating disorder, hoping to win her back. Rachel turns him down, wanting to just be friends. Ringo is shattered until Rachel changes her mind and takes him back. Everything looks to be back on track with the relationship until Rachel receives a picture of Ringo kissing another girl.

Elle and Riley find the malnourished horses and manage to hold them until the authorities arrive. Riley writes an article about the dramatic rescue and Elle contributes some facts. She’s thrilled when Riley includes her contribution in the article and she gets credit for the work, and begins to see journalism as a possible career. But, when she gets home, she is confronted by the very unhappy farmer she exposed…

When Marco questions Carmella’s skills as a manager, she becomes all the more determined to prove herself capable and negotiates a new deal with a fruit wholesaler on better terms than the deal with Marco’s family. Marco is surprised at Carmella’s business prowess, especially when Carmella says that if Marco’s family would like to better the newly negotiated terms she’s happy to listen.

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