Will Rob ask Tracy to move in?

As Rob and Tracy open the shop she’s keen to let Rob know she’s his equal not his employee. Enjoying watching Rob squirm Peter suggests that if Rob’s serious about her maybe Tracy should move in with him. But Rob is evasive about the prospect of them living together…
After David’s questions about guilt and betrayal in light of the poison pen letter, Nick’s now panic stricken that he knows the truth. After spotting him talking to Tina, Nick presses Tina for details of the conversation. When she admits she’s worried about David as he’s found out Kylie cheated and is intent on revenge Nick feels sick. When he and David set off in the van to pick up some furniture he risks tackling the subject.
As Izzy sets about convincing Owen to let Gary work part-time, Tina returns from her holiday and is quickly jolted back to reality when she sees Jake is home.
Also, Jenna’s mortified as Mandy clashes with Sylvia on her first day at the cafe; Norris suspects Craig of playing pranks on him.