Will Rob ever get his wife back?

Still suffering amnesia, Karen feels nobody understands what she’s going through but Mrs Tembe cheers her up when she introduces Karen to mobile phones and plays her favourite Wham! songs. Then Karen meets Al, who teases her about the gambling habit he pretends she has and compares Karen’s memories to his own in-depth knowledge of the mid-1980s. Karen’s had a wonderful day until she gets back to her room and Rob turns up.

As Rob tells Karen a story about the whole family on the beach, Karen grins offering Rob a glimpse of hope. But then she bursts into laughter – she still has no idea who he is and asks him to leave. Later, Rob and Jack worry that Karen may never get better and Rob breaks down. When Jack empowers Rob to go back to Karen and remind her how great her life with him is, Rob returns to the hospital full of hope – can the right memory bring Karen back?

Meanwhile, Jas and Jimmi do everything they can to avoid their relationship being discovered, so Jas is shocked when Heston reveals he knows. Heston wryly observes that office romances never stay secret for long but, instead of being critical, he’s supportive: we must go towards happiness, wherever it presents itself. Jas is left feeling empowered.