Karen tells Rob she needs to shake off the winter blues – they should be more active, try something new. With Mandy’s help, Karen comes up with the idea of Line Dancing and presents Rob with their ‘cowboy’ costumes. Rob is adamant he’s not doing this, fearing the boys down the station will find out. But, when he’s alone, he can’t help but put on the Stetson and role-play a bit of ‘wild west’ action. Karen walks in on him and takes a photo – now he will be going, unless of course he wants her to send the photo to the guys at the station?

Meanwhile, Sam wakes in hospital with his broken arm, and wants to go home. Emma arranges an early release, and she and Chris help him home. Emma’s feeling positive, and suggests they take a holiday together. Sam agrees, but adds that it will be their last holiday before Switzerland – he’s still going ahead with Clemence.

Sam knows he needs to have his arm working to self-administer at the clinic, and asks Chris to help him do physio. But Chris refuses to help him die. Emma and Chris agree the break has bought them a little time, and both vow to persuade him to change his mind. Emma tells Sam his arm might be a second chance, but Sam makes it very clear he doesn’t believe in all that nonsense.

Also, when a confused patient discloses that he’s hurting someone, it’s up to Jimmi to find out who’s in trouble.