Rob’s shocked when he finds his colleague Sgt Dean Frater kissing WPC Suzie Bunce – he can’t believe Dean could cheat on his wife and kids. Later, at a drugs raid, a dealer runs off down an alley but Dean fails to stop him as he’s texting. Dean asks Rob if he’ll leave that small detail out of the incident report.

Rob reads Dean’s report and tells him he counted more bags of drugs on the raid than Dean claims he found. Dean admits acting on impulse and asks for a chance to redo the report and put the drugs back. Dean warns Rob if he tells anyone about him, he’ll get a reputation as a whistleblower. Rob offers him the chance to resign.

Rob picks up the report and heads to the inspector’s office, but when Dean sees Suzie flirting with another officer, Dean moves Rob aside and goes into the inspector’s office himself.

Elsewhere, Karen’s having computer trouble and Heston tells her to go and take a break. Julia explodes when she finds out what he has done.

And Imogen reveals her naivety on the subject of arranged marriages.

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