Will Robbie be released for his 18th birthday?

It’s Jason and Robbie’s 18th birthday and Phoebe is shocked when she hears about Robbie’s arrest. Rick blackmails Sonny to let Robbie go or everyone finds out that he let Marlow die. Robbie is released, but it’s not over for Rick and Sonny. At home, Jason isn’t having the happiest birthday so Ziggy gives him his little black book. Sandy is delighted when Robbie makes it to his party at The Dog.

However, Jason is still suspicious about why Robbie was involved in the break in. Holly is devastated when she turns up at the party and sees Jason with two of Ziggy’s exes. Jason goes to talk to Holly, will they get back together? Rick meets Sonny in the village, but he pushes the detective too far and Sonny beats him up and leaves him for dead.

Mercedes warns Judge McCarthy to find Grace guilty or she’ll tell the police that he’s corrupt. He agrees, but she wavers when she sees how worried Grace is now she doesn’t have a judge in her pocket. Mercedes reassures Freddie that she’s still on his side.

Nana pays off the quick cash loan man, while Carmel is giddy with excitement about seeing her wedding venue today, unaware she doesn’t have a deposit any more.