It’s the day that Robbie and Finn go head-to-head in court but, as Robbie is questioned, his testimony crumbles when Finn’s solicitor asks him about his feelings for Nancy. Later, it’s Finn’s turn in the dock and he convincingly plays the part of a victim – who will the jury believe?

Meanwhile, Nana McQueen has a funny turn in front of Diane and Tony. They take her into the hospital and Nana begs Diane to really ask herself: is Finn innocent?

Despite discovering there are cameras hidden in his toy bears, an undeterred Dennis gives Trevor what he’s owned and leaves The Emporium with Tom after a successful day of business. However, as they lock up, one of the bears spontaneously combusts!

Also, when Sinead catches Ste buying more drugs, she pulls the bag of cocaine from his hand and it spills out onto the floor. Sinead and John Paul are horrified as they watch Ste scrape up the drugs from the ground.