Tori feels a combination of shock and happiness when she finds out that Robbo has been released on bail after Professor Pickford’s report made it clear that Robbo’s mental health would severely suffer, if he was to remain in prison. The community is disgusted by the idea of Robbo’s release and Ash attacks Robbo in broad daylight when he sees him in The Diner.

Robbo is struggling to come to terms with everything that is taken place and with Summer Bay continuing to make life hard for him, Colby calls a community meeting to explain why Robbo has been released. Will Summer Bay give Robbo a chance? Also, will Ash listen to Tori and her reasons for helping Robbo?

Also, Roo is struggling to track down her mother, Martha, using the internet. Later, Colby gives Roo all the information he has on Martha’s disappearance. Will Colby’s findings help Roo in her search? Also, how will Alf take the news that Roo is actively searching for her mother?