At the Woolpack, a celebration is underway as reunited exes, Chas and Gordon, toast the news that they’re going into partnership as Gordon is buying Diane’s shares in the pub. But one person who isn’t going to be happy about this – by any stretch – is Aaron. When Robert turns up at the Woolie, will he tell Gordon he knows that he abused Aaron as a child or will he stay true to his word and keep schtum?

Kirin’s heart sinks when he overhears Vanessa and Leyla talking about his parenting skills, or lack of. He’s pleased when Vanessa defends his capabilities, and later books her into a spa for the day. But will he really be able to cope with looking after their baby son all day, especially after realising he’s got a meeting with an important client?

When Carly learns her new date, Duncan, is a love rat, she steals the married man’s van keys and she and Tracy pinch the contents! Carly’s not feeling so smug afterwards, when Finn reminds her she’s meant to be behaving as she’s serving a suspended sentence.

Passion strikes for Leyla and Nikhil while Moira convinces Cain to agree to rent Mulberry to Ashley and Laurel.