Will Robert let Paddy die?

*Second episode*

With the grain store filling up steadily, Paddy is panicking. Though he shouts for help he can’t be heard over the machinery. Meanwhile, Robert – who is responsible for the vet’s dire situation – lurks in the shadows. Desperate, Paddy tries to climb out but falls and is knocked unconscious! At this point, Robert is about to save him, but slips away when he’s pipped to the post by Andy. Paddy’s in a bad way and rushed to hospital.

When Aaron calls Robert to let him know, his secret lover hopes and prays he won’t get found out. But when Paddy regains consciousness, the vet is pretty sure the near-death incident was no accident.

Guilt piles upon guilt when Rakesh learns his deceitful actions have caused yet more angst for Kirin and Vanessa, who reckons the anonymous lump sum – which Rakesh secretly posted – was in fact from her estranged, banged up dad. Will Rakesh ‘fess up?

With Kyle having wandered off while she was meant to be watching him, Kerry is tearing her hair out! Thankfully the little lad is safe and sound with Joanie, who is absolutely fuming with careless Kerry.