Harvey has a proposition for Alf – why don’t they go into business together? He has the mooring and the customers, Alf has the boat. Alf tries to persuade Romeo to take Harvey up on the offer, but Romeo can’t stand Harvey and worries he’ll get ripped off. Alf eventually talks Romeo round when he agrees to act as a mediator between the two.

Sid hears about the missing cash from The Diner. He comes to the conclusion that Sasha has been hiding Felix and has stolen the cash so they can run away together.

Roo finds a distraught Sasha on the side of the road. Sasha returns the money, and when news spreads that Miles has taken Felix to get stitches, everyone heads to the hospital. Sid is angry with Sasha, but promises to try and persuade Felix’s father to give him custody so the siblings can stay together. However, Felix’s dad insists on taking the boy back with him, leaving Sasha bitterly disappointed.

Roo convinces Leah to give Sasha another chance at The Diner, but her intervention angers Sid who thinks Sasha needs to learn her lesson. Annoyed by Sid’s behaviour, Roo agrees to go on a date with Harvey.