Romeo has to decline the charter trip, so Harvey steps in. When a severe weather warning comes in over the radio, Romeo is forced to tell Alf that Harvey took the charter… and Roo along with him. Harvey’s boat sinks in the storm, but it’s Romeo and Alf to the rescue as they navigate treacherous conditions to save Roo and the others. Alf and Romeo manage to locate everybody except Harvey. Romeo decides to remain behind to search for him.

Sid fears for Sasha who has disappeared, so he and Dex head to The Diner to look for her. When Sid is called to the hospital, Dex and April continue their search and head to the Surf Club where Xavier informs them that he last saw Sasha heading down to the beach.

John’s condition is worsening and he reaches for the phone to call for help, only to realise the line has been cut in the storm. Sasha and Felix battle through the gale and take refuge in Gina’s house, only to find John collapsed on the floor. Sasha calls Sid, who sends an ambulance to John’s rescue. But when Xavier returns, he finds Sasha attempting to loot the house!