Will Ronnie be found out?

In the bereavement suite, Alfie tells Kat it’s natural for her to deny she’s lost her baby. Kat breaks down. Meanwhile, Ronnie panics when the midwife checks ‘James’ and notes that the baby has lost weight and a clubfoot. Ronnie thinks the game is up and gets hysterical. The midwife is concerned, but has no inkling the baby isn’t James.

Jack confides in Max that Ronnie is struggling. Max organises a party to welcome James into the family. Ronnie fails to show with the baby so the family head to the flat. Ronnie pretends James is asleep and can’t be disturbed. An angry Jack accuses Ronnie of being overprotective. Meanwhile, Alfie lies to Kat that he was with Tommy when he died to comfort her that the baby didn’t die alone.

Syed talks to Jane about Christian’s infidelity. Jane can’t see the problem and points out to Syed that it was only a kiss. Christian is terrified that Syed is going to leave him. Syed has bought a kilt and says if Christian wants a man in a kilt then that’s what he’ll get! The couple are reunited. A happy Christian suggests to Syed that they start a family.

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