Ronnie is wound up by Archie and she is sharp with Danielle, who decides to leave Walford, but Stacey convinces her to stay. Stacey is furious with Ronnie for upsetting Danielle and she chucks a bucket of water over her and a humiliated Ronnie assumes Danielle soaked her. Ronnie rushes up to the flat and a concerned Jack comforts her. Ronnie cryptically tells him that she needs to confront the past. Ronnie turns up at Joel’s house, but when a young girl answers the door she freezes and flees.

Jane is still sneaking around behind Ian’s back and feeling bad about it. Christian suggests to Jane that she confess to Ian about her mystery disappearances. Jane tries to tell Ian, but is thwarted when he interrupts her. Meanwhile, Zainab is suspicious about what Tamwar is up to spending so much time locked away with his computer…

Jack and Tanya are back from France and are pleased that the house has been sold. Tanya wants Jack to keep quiet about their move until she’s had time to talk to the girls.

Also, Billy worries about making a good impression on the social worker who’s come to check on Jay. He is thrilled when it’s agreed that he can look after Jay.

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