Will Ronnie discover Jack’s betrayal?

Roxy and Jack feel ashamed after their quickie in the club office. Ronnie offers an olive branch to Jack and is disappointed when he is shifty with her. Jack admits to Tanya that he has betrayed Ronnie with another woman. Later, Jack bumps into Roxy in the café and they have an awkward conversation about what happened. Jack and Roxy turn to see Ronnie and panic that she’s heard…

Steven makes a big show of affection for Stacey. Christian learns that Stacey and Steven are thinking about moving in together and he decides to warn Stacey before it’s too late. Stacey is stunned when Christian reveals that Steven is gay but she believes him. Christian comforts a heartbroken Steven but Steven mistakes his kindness for something else and moves in for a kiss.

Sean is on the edge and he bundles a barking Wellard out of the flat and takes him to the allotments. Meanwhile, Roxy dumps Sean’s flat keys at the Slaters and Stacey is worried about Sean and lets herself into the flat. Stacey is stunned to find Gus tied to a chair with a strung-out Sean standing over him!

Also, Clare encourages Bradley to move on from his Star Trek obsession.

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