In this hour-long special, it’s judgement day for Ronnie as she faces court. Michael texts Ronnie from Roxy’s phone and asks her to go to the park. Michael takes Tommy and leaves him alone in his pram. Ronnie sees a crying Tommy and, worried, she picks him up. Michael has called Kat and Alfie to witness the whole thing…

Jack wants Ronnie to run away with him. First, Ronnie wants to warn Roxy about devious Michael. Roxy realises Ronnie is telling the truth when she sees Michael’s text on Ronnie’s phone. Michael is forced to confess and Jack punches him. Ronnie has gone to court. Jack catches up with her and she insists she wants to face up to her crime. Ronnie refuses any defence and is sentenced to three years. Roxy hands her Danielle’s locket as Ronnie is led away to her cell.

Max drops a key while talking to Lauren. Max arranges to meet Tanya and offers her a key to his flat. Later, Lauren finds Tanya in the salon and notices she has the same key that Max dropped… and realises her parents are having an affair. Lauren finds Max and she tells him to stay away from Tanya or she’ll run him over again and kill him this time!