Will Ronnie make up with Roxy?

Ronnie and Roxy bicker in the police cell but, after a few home truths emerge, they share a heart-to-heart. Ronnie has tears in her eyes when she confesses that she still has feelings for Jack, and a guilty Roxy destroys the credit card. Archie picks the girls up but Ronnie bluntly refuses to go with him. Archie warns Ronnie to keep away from Roxy.

Billy is upset when Jay tells him it’s weird to have a shrine to your ex. Billy leaves a message for Honey begging her for a little hope. Archie tells Billy a story about Billy’s great granddad playing the long game to win back his wife. Billy is thoughtful, but realises that he can’t hold onto the past; he leaves Honey another message telling her that he won’t bother her again. Meanwhile, Jay is on the street and it’s clear that he’s sleeping rough.

Jane invites Tanya to spend time with her and Ian to try to smooth things over between them. Jane pops out to help Masood with a catering order and leaves Ian and Tanya alone. Jane returns to find Ian with his hands on Tanya’s chest and a panicky Ian explains there was a wine spillage and he’s mopping it up!

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