Ronnie tries to make things right with Roxy by apologising to her and Dean. When Dean winds her up, Ronnie quickly leaves. A conversation with Billy about how Phil would deal with Dean gets Ronnie thinking, leaving Billy worried that Ronnie may plot to kill him. When Dean arrives at Ronnie’s house, she gives him a drink, revealing she’s laced it with tranquilisers!

Shirley and Buster arrive at the Vic for Lee’s birthday. Trying to relieve the tense atmosphere, Linda suggests Shirley go suit shopping with Mick and Lee. Keen for her sons not be at odds, Shirley pleads with Mick to talk to Dean. After a warning from Billy that Ronnie may be up to no good, Mick panics to see Dean going into Ronnie’s alone…

Vincent asks Fatboy to help out with the party at The Albert. Later questioning Donna about her relationship with Fatboy, Vincent tells her that he approves. When Donna reacts strangely, Vincent suspects all is not well.

Also, Honey tells Billy she wants to move nearby with the kids and they turn to Ronnie for help with money.