Will Roo forgive James?

When Megan, James’s wife, questions why she’s visiting him, Roo covers and says she’s a friend. Later, Roo breaks down in Irene’s arms, when she confesses the true extent of James’s deceit. Irene says Roo needs to confront him, as she’s owed the truth. When Roo demands answers, James says his marriage has been over for years, but he doesn’t want to lose his children.

As the post-party clean up continues, Evelyn admits that she lied about her break-up with Tank. The next morning, Oscar tells Zac and Leah that Tank threatened to make a move on Maddy. Distressed at Tank’s games, Leah tries to have a heart-to-heart with Evelyn, but is shocked when Evelyn reveals her ‘T’ for Tank tattoo.

Zac and Leah tell Evelyn she’s no longer allowed to see Tank and they take away her phone. Furious at the way she’s being treated, Evelyn ditches her revision session and sneaks out to see him.