Will Roo lose her baby?

Can Nate and Tori help Roo in her hour of need?

Roo lays on the side of the road desperate for help. Luckily, Tori and Nate are riding by on his motorbike and spot her. Will they be able to save the baby?

Meanwhile, Justin’s furious with Brody and his drug addition and confides in Ash. Later, Justin bumps into Lena and loses his temper with her. He blames her for Brody’s problems until Kat intervenes. As she’s Brody’s supplier, Justin demands that Kat arrests Lena. Will Kat take Lena to the police station and have charges pressed against her?

Also, Leah’s convinced that selling The Diner is the best way to make a clean start, but VJ isn’t convinced. Later, VJ runs into Kat and Luc and feels uncomfortable when Kat refers to him as ‘daddy’. Later, VJ sees Ash playing with Luc on the beach and makes a big decision.