Will Roo wake from her coma?

Alf finds out Roo went on a secret trip to Peru and had a vaccine for yellow fever. Roo has had an adverse reaction to the vaccine and with time not on her side, Nate gives her anti-viral medication. Roo’s eyes begin to flicker as Alf and Maddy look on. Meanwhile, Sophie texts Nate saying she’ll give him one more chance.

Spencer sees Maddy and Josh walking along the beach and tells her that everyone is trying to find out where Roo went after she left Las Vegas. Maddy runs off, giving Spencer the chance to confront Josh about the drugs he found in his caravan. Unable to reach Andy, Josh turns to Evelyn for help. Worried that if he gets rid of the drugs Andy will have to deal with the repercussions from the dealer and going to the police is not option.

Heath goes to meet Ms Taylor, who reassures Heath that Darcy isn’t in trouble and they are meeting because she is a gifted child. While Heath is meeting Ms Taylor, Darcy has an accident on a boat – will this put their custody battle in jeopardy?