Will Roxy forgive Sean?

Ronnie is pleased that Roxy is back in the Vic and she is sure that the black eye that Sean gave her will spell the end for Sean and Roxy. But Sean sneaks into the Vic to see Roxy and persuades her that Ronnie did a job on him by deliberately winding him up. Ronnie is frustrated that her plan to split them up has failed when Roxy kisses Sean in front of her.

Clare tarts herself up for a date, but she’s stood up. Bradley finds her looking upset and she tells him that she was let down by her stepdad Nigel. Clare decides to concentrate her efforts on Bradley after he falls for her lie and throws away her ‘little black book’ of blokes and numbers. Bradley finds the book and realises that Clare was spinning him a story.

Max falls out with Bradley, who chucks him out of the house. A brooding Max is wound up when he sees Jack with Tanya and he has an altercation with Jack. As the brothers argue, Lauren returns from camp and is stunned to discover that her dad is back and Jack is with Tanya!

Also, Bradley gets six points on his licence and a fine for careless driving.

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