Will Roxy get her romance with Alfie?

Roxy decides move out of the Vic. After overhearing Alfie argue with Kat on the phone, Roxy asks Alfie if he’s lonely. The couple’s hands creep towards each other but the moment is broken by a phone call. Alfie insists he doesn’t want Roxy to move out. Roxy thinks she’s bagged a date when Alfie suggests they meet up for a curry. Instead, Alfie leaves suddenly to see Kat, leaving a heartbroken Roxy waiting alone in the restaurant.

Lucy is unnerved by Ian’s determination to forge ahead with his plans to marry Mandy and leave by the end of the week. Lucy asks Phil to step in and Phil warns Ian not to flee, as they need to protect Ben together. Despite Ian’s promises to Phil, Lucy realises that Ian is leaving anyway. Hurt when Ian calls her a manipulative liar like her mum after a row, Lucy starts secretly cancelling Ian’s wedding plans.

Jean feels for a skint Alfie and she asks Michael for a return on some of her investment. Michael convinces Jean it would be better for her financially to wait. Jean decides to get a second job and gets an interview with Butcher’s Joints. Michael panics that Jean will let slip his scheming to Janine and tries to put her off.