Will Roxy keep her baby?

Roxy has had a restless night feeling queasy and trying to keep her pregnancy a secret. Roxy turns to Christian for help and admits that she’s not sure if her baby’s father is Jack or Sean. Roxy feels uncomfortable when Peggy confides that she’s worried that Ronnie is still stuck on Jack. Roxy makes a decision and calls the clinic to book a termination.

Zainab panics about getting the house ready for Masood’s super-traditional brother Imzamam. Shabnam and Tamwar are miserable when she finds them some traditional outfits to wear. Imzamam arrives with his two demure children. Shabnam is outraged that her normally vocal mum doesn’t stand up to Imzamam when he comments on Zainab’s weight and brings up marrying off Shabnam.

Mickey worries that Wellard has gone missing when Tiffany spends time with the dog. Mickey bumps into Pat and is relieved when he discovers Wellard’s whereabouts. Mickey takes Wellard back to the Millers, but Keith is furious when Wellard chews the TV remote and he tells a stunned Mickey that he can’t have the dog in the house.

Also, Lucy boasts to Lauren that she has a secret older boyfriend; Jay gets back at Shabnam for being nasty about Mickey with some nasty graffiti.

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