Ronnie prepares for her romantic night with Charlie, but their plans are interrupted when Sharon calls asking Ronnie to collect a very drunk Roxy. Ignoring the request, Ronnie gets back to her evening with Charlie, but Charlie is then called to bring Roxy home. When Roxy returns home with a man, she’s terrified that Roxy is with Charlie, but Charlie returns to Ronnie’s side.

Shabnam is in shock following Dean’s outburst as her stunned friends and family look on. After Dean is thrown out of the party, an upset Shabnam heads home. Furious with Masood that Dean knows about Jade, Shabnam tells her father she doesn’t want him at her wedding. Insisting she can’t stay at home, Shabnam heads to Stacey’s to find a place for the night. Meanwhile, Dean tells Shirley he’s visiting his daughter tomorrow… then ends up in bed with Roxy!

Sharon’s singles bingo is a big hit at The Albert. Things aren’t going quite so well for Kim. Banking on her secret surprise saving the day, she unpacks a huge male-shaped vodka luge! Although it’s clear Sharon’s event has done the best, Sharon and Kim agree to work together to make the Albert a success.

Also, Shirley accuses Carol of flirting with Buster.