Will Roxy stop Jack’s plans?

When Roxy finds out Jack and Ronnie are thinking about leaving she is furious! Can she change their plans to sell No.27?

Ronnie is taken aback when an estate agent turns up to value their house. She tells Jack that she’s not sure about selling up, but he is persuasive. When Roxy finds out about their plan to leave, she is fuming. A worried Ronnie tells Jack that they can’t move without Roxy’s blessing.

After talking round Roxy with a promise of half of the money from the house, Jack is hopeful that they are back on track. Will Roxy agree to let the move go ahead?

Louise is surprised to notice that Shakil has stopped wearing his chastity bracelet. It’s not long before everyone at school is gossiping about Bex, prompting Louise to offer Bex some advice.

Also, Kathy and Geraldine clash over the Christmas Show rehearsals. Meanwhile, Lee and Whitney don’t see eye to eye.