Will Roy attend Hayley’s funeral?

Roy remains inscrutable as Suzie the celebrant visits to discuss Hayley’s funeral. Fiz is worried when he finally erupts and bemoans how everything has to be how Hayley wanted and she even scheduled her own death. Feeling completely at sea and unable to keep it together, Roy can’t bring himself to attend Hayley’s funeral.

Stella’s impressed as Dev and Kal work on their business plan for the gym. Later, Kal’s left amused when Dev gets tongue-tied in his attempt to pay Stella a compliment…

Sophie and Maddie row when Maddie demands the £50 Sophie promised her and Sophie’s left curious when Maddie admits she needs the money to help her little brother, who’s worse off than she is.

Also, Kylie tells Nick he needs to stop feeling sorry for himself; and Beth gets her job back.