Cathy follows her heart instead of her head and is delighted when Roy invites her to dine out with him. As she gets dolled up to the nines for their first date, a self-conscious Roy waits in the Bistro, wondering whether he is doing the right thing. 

Sarah’s shocked when Callum’s mum Marion turns up , upset that her son is missing. Kylie and David are horrified to have Marion in the house and as she talks fondly of Callum David loses his rag and reveals all Callum’s evil doings. Suddenly Gemma barges in and demands to know where Callum is.

Sophie’s shocked to see her mum so heartbroken by Tim’s reaction to her kiss with Kevin. As she wallows on the sofa at home, Rita decides to issue Sally with some tough love and firmly orders her to buck herself up and sort out the mess with Tim.

Yasmeen rails at the injustice of Tracy walking free after the fire and decides to go back to the police. As she heads to the station she is convinced that she can convince them to revisit the case against Tracy.