Will Roy be able to support Hayley?

As news of Hayley’s cancer spreads through the bistro Hayley reels, her friends offer their sympathy but this is exactly what she didn’t want. Back at the flat, a hurt Hayley tells Roy she feels suffocated and doesn’t want to talk about her illness. Sylvia explains to Roy how Hayley’s been keeping her own fears under wraps for fear of upsetting him. Later, the couple finally open up to each other.

As an angry Lloyd confronts Paul, accusing him of trying to bully Jenna into backing his story about not being a racist, Eileen drags Paul back home. Lloyd and Mandy are at loggerheads too now over the feud and having had enough Jenna seeks out Sophie. But seeing the girl she loves so worn down Sophie’s had enough and decides it’s time to take action against Paul. 

When Rob winds Peter up about taking money from Carla, Peter refuses to rise to the bait, insisting they’re a solid partnership.

Also, when Gary and Izzy tell Tina that Jake will be coming home next week she insists it’s great news but inside it’s clear she’s dreading seeing him again. Sensing this Tommy suggests a holiday.