*Hour-long Episode*

Agreeing to leave their kiss behind them, Tina gives Rob a friendly peck on the cheek. Peter spots them and later tackles Rob, claiming he is looking out for Tracy and thumps him. When Tina storms round to Peter’s flat to confront him, their passion erupts and they tear at each other’s clothes, but panic sets in when they hear Roy coming up the stairs. Tina hides in the bedroom and is fortunate that Roy doesn’t see her.

Hayley can’t face telling people she only has weeks to live so Roy breaks the tragic news to Anna, Fiz and Tyrone and asks Carla to visit Hayley. Having told Roy that she doesn’t want to see anyone, Hayley’s shocked when Carla barges into her bedroom. However, Carla makes Hayley realise she needs to have a no-nonsense conversation with Roy about her death.

Nick starts his first training session with Kal. However, Gail worries Nick will struggle now Leanne’s moved out, but Stella defends her daughter’s decision.

Also, Sally’s pleased that Sophie is branching out into journalism; Tracy tries to butter up Deirdre but receives short shrift.