Against Sylvia’s wishes, Hayley hands Roy the letter from his father, but Hayley’s taken aback by Roy’s reaction.

Gloria’s delighted to hear about Stella and Karl’s engagement and insists on throwing a party, despite Stella pointing out they’ve no money. Meanwhile having done the sums, Owen tells Anna that he has little choice, but to accept Stella’s offer of half the pub as the alternative is bankruptcy. But when Owen arrives in the bistro to see penniless Stella drinking fizz he issues her with a shocking ultimatum.

David’s too tired to concentrate at work and accidentally snips Dennis’s ear. Audrey sends him home, but he insists on doing Kylie’s shift at the bistro. However when David has a funny turn and drops a glass, Nick makes a call to Kylie.

Also, when Tim brings Faye round to No 6 for her breakfast, Anna’s quietly concerned that he’s not looking after her properly; Gary assures Izzy he’ll look for another job so she can stay at home when the baby arrives. Gary and Izzy later have tea with Tina, but as she watches Gary and Tina enjoying each other’s company Izzy finds it hard to hide her jealousy.