Will Roy be jilted at the altar?

Cathy confronts Roy with the truth in Coronation Street

Covering her shock, Cathy walks down the aisle and joins Roy. With the wedding underway, Audrey, Rita and Fiz are emotional but Roy and Cathy remain unmoved. As Tyrone makes his way to the front of the church, Cathy’s shocked and turning to Roy, reveals she overheard his conversation with Tyrone and Brian on her Dictaphone…

Anna breaks down in Kevin’s arms and admits she’s ashamed of her body and doesn’t want him to see it. His heart breaking, Kevin has a suggestion for her…

Meanwhile Phelan discovers the hate mail which Eileen’s been keeping from him and is touched that she’s been trying to spare his feelings. Phelan moves in for a kiss; will Eileen respond? As Phelan approaches No.11, he spots Anna slipping a letter through the door.

Peter drops a tipsy Nick and Robert back after their wine tasting. When Nick makes childish jibes at Peter, Leanne drags him into the bistro ordering him to sober up.

Norris tries to broach the subject of Mary’s past, but Mary becomes defensive and leaves. Chesney’s put out when Sinead makes it clear she’s not ready for marriage.