Will Roy reveal all to Maria?

Hayley takes over the relief manager’s job at the factory while the gossip about Tony continues between the factory girls. The pressure’s starting to get to Hayley, and she starts to wonder if she’s up to the job. Roy’s also feeling the heat and unable to stop thinking about Tony’s hospital confession he decides it’s time he got some answers. Arriving home Maria finds Roy nervously waiting for her, she demands to know what’s going on.

David overhears Gail and Joe excitedly discussing their engagement and he’s distinctly unimpressed. But it seems nothing can dampen their spirits, that is until Joe gets a knock on the door from a debt-collector. He tells Joe that he’s bought his debt from the kitchen supplies firm and they need to work out a repayment plan. Joe’s shocked, he’s now aware he’s now in way too deep.

Fiz is excited and skives off work to clean the house in readiness for John’s home-coming. But when she looks at the state of no.7 she despairs at the enormity of the task she’s set herself.

Also; Jack doesn’t know what else to do and hides out at no.9, Connie’s at the end of her tether and calls round demanding to know why he’s avoiding her.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Maria demands answers from a reluctant Roy, and you could cut the tension in the room with a knife as the situation reaches boiling point. Roy looks like he’s about to reveal all about Tony’s confession but at the last minute he decides he needs more evidence before he throws Maria and Baby Liams world into further chaos. Bewildered by his behaviour and worried about his motives Maria tells Roy to leave her alone.

Joe’s stunned as the debt collector tells him he owes him five thousand Pounds and he’s not leaving without it. In desperation Joe is forced to give him his van to prove he will pay, but as he celebrates his engagement to Gail in the Rovers Joe lies, explaining he sold his van so he can buy an engagement ring. Gail’s touched by his sacrifice while Joe, inwardly panicking, suggests a quick Christmas wedding.

Kirk, Darryl, David and Zoe decide to redecorate no.5 as a surprise for Fiz, knowing that she feels overwhelmed. She’s delighted as she nervously anticipates bringing John home.

Also; Jack confronts Connie about the fact he keeps hearing her at his bedroom door. Connie’s mortified and explains that she must be sleepwalking.

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