Will Roy track down his father? (Video)

Roy and Hayley arrive at the address in Blackburn, explaining they’re looking for Roy’s father. A lady explains that she’s St John’s wife, but he died three months ago. Emotionally battered, Roy is gutted.

Izzy witters on about the baby as Gary and Tina do their best not to appear uncomfortable. Tina impresses on Tommy how important it is that he doesn’t breathe a word about Gary’s indiscretion. But as Izzy tells Gary what a wonderful dad he’ll make, Gary struggles with his conscience.

When Faye tells Anna and Owen how Tim found the money for her school trip, Owen is suspicious and quizzes Anna. He is furious when Anna admits she funded it for Faye’s sake.

Also, when Owen berates Katy for palming Joseph off onto Anna. Katy flips and announces they’re off to stay at Ryan’s.