Everyone is on tenterhooks as they wait for Esther’s new liver. The pressure in Esther’s skull is increasing and she may be brain damaged by the time it arrives. The rapid response vehicle finally arrives and they all wait with bated breath as Esther is wheeled into theatre. Ruby’s guilt is overwhelming and she ends up revealing everything.

Diane is excited with new prospects on the horizon, but nearly spots Sinead and Maddie’s thread of evil private messages on her daughter’s laptop. She’s suspicious by Sinead’s cagey attitude and confronts her daughter, but the teen denies everything. Diane invites her new boss, Patrick round for dinner and embarrasses Sinead with her flirtatious behavior.

Will and Dodger race through the village together and Will challenges Dodger to try and pull some girls while in the wheelchair – challenge accepted. Will is increasingly frustrated as Theresa tries to get Dodger’s attention. He does his best to divert her away, but he ends up feeling like the third wheel. Dodger bonds with Patrick while helping his Dad move house.

Elsewhere in the village, Cindy is caught up in an embarrassing misunderstanding.