Will Ruby finally tell Romeo the truth?

Alf and Roo hear from Romeo that Ruby’s lost the baby and the news of the ‘miscarriage’ soon reaches Leah. She once again storms over to Ruby’s place where she finds the distraught girl begging for the opportunity to fix things. After some soul searching, Ruby finally admits to Romeo that there never was a baby and Romeo seems unable to comprehend. Within minutes he’s packed and out, leaving a broken Ruby crying on the ground.

Dex tells Irene his letter from uni is a final warning to hand in a late assessment by the end of the day. Fortunately for him, Lottie’s overheard and comes to the rescue, marching him over to her place to get him to work. Dex is keen to procrastinate but Lottie uses a firm hand and the work gets handed in on time.

Meanwhile, Harvey returns from visiting Mel and has bad news for Lottie – she’s feeling a lot better and wants to take her daughter with her when she moves to the city.