Stunned by the news that he is Max’s dad, Russ feels unable to break the news to Caroline. Meanwhile, Tina reveals the truth to Myra, who says her best bet is to try to work things out with Dom.

Over at Il Gnosh, Tony encourages Dom to give things one more try with Tina. Dom invites her over for dinner and pulls out all the stops, but Tina can’t lie and tells Dom she doesn’t love him anymore and can’t spend the rest of her life with him. Elsewhere, Russ maintains he is still leaving Hollyoaks and bids farewell to Nancy, despite Tina pleading with him to reconsider. But as Russ and Caroline leave the village, he begins to have second thoughts.

Cindy is fed up with Darren spending all his time with Newt, but Darren is worried in case Newt tells anyone about seeing Jack. Newt asks Darren whether he should tell Frankie what he saw. Darren dismisses the idea, telling Newt he’s just having a set back.

Annoyed and intrigued by Newt’s behaviour, Cindy wanders in to Newt’s room. Newt is furious to find her there and accuses her of spying. Darren throws Cindy out, but is unaware that Newt’s alter ego Eli has made a re-appearance…

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