After the fatal misdiagnosis of a patient, Ruth is found hanging in her halls of residence. As the department tries to cope with what has happened, Harry reads Ruth’s diary entries for the last few months in A&E, and realises that, while her ambition to be a doctor is clear, so is her loneliness and increasing exhaustion.

Harry learns that Ruth had been shadowing a team in Histology, and had become close to the lead doctor – ‘Dr Doom’ as she calls him. Harry also discovers that Ruth had befriended a patient, Rachel, who had passed away. And while Ruth was trying to cope emotionally, she was also doing long, hard shifts in the department.

Later, the team are in the pub to drown their sorrows, and talk about life and death, regrets and how they all could have helped Ruth more. Meanwhile, Tess and Harry are still at work and, as Ruth lies in a coma, Harry says that they – and the hospital – let Ruth down.