Janine waits for Ryan’s answer to her proposal, but he stares at her stunned. A hurt pretends she was joking. A confused Ryan has a heart-to-heart with Whitney and she realises he’s scared of being hurt. With some encouragement from Whitney and little Tiffany, Ryan finds Janine in the square, drops to one knee and proposes. An emotional Janine accepts.

In Jack‘s flat Max is goading Jack and says that he won’t be ready to walk at the wedding. Jack gets angry and insists that he’ll be able to walk down the aisle. Jack and Max have a stand off and Max says that he quits as best man until Jack can walk again. Max’s ploy has worked and Jack manages to walk a few steps with his stick.

Shirley is in a foul mood and tells Peggy that she found Phil and Rainie naked in the living room surrounded by empty bottles. Shirley tells Heather she wants to celebrate being single and they go on a night out at the Argee Bhajee. Shirley gets drunk and ends up drunk and broken in the gutter.

Also, Peggy greets a potential buyer for the pub from the brewery and attempts to put him off.

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