Will Ryan reveal Gary’s secret?

As the group gather at Izzy’s she’s determined to put all the family stresses behind them. But unsure of what Ryan now knows about him and Tina, Gary’s on edge. As soon as he gets the chance he pulls Ryan aside, telling him to forget whatever he heard. Under pressure Ryan admits to Katy that he heard something about a kiss. Horrified, Katy almost blows Gary’s secret.

Peter’s had enough of Rob and tells Carla he can’t work with him any longer. Left with little choice Carla tells Rob he’ll be returning to the factory. Bitter, Rob’s fed up with being treated like an underling, not a sibling! Egged on by Tracy, Rob decides to take what’s his.

Finding St John’s headstone Sylvia, Hayley and Roy pay their respects.

Also, Karl snaps at Gloria for interfering with the pub’s rebuild, claiming he wants everything to be just right for Stella; Chesney starts pumping weights as he makes plans to bag himself another woman. But it may be more to do with his insecurities over Ryan.