Will Sacha give in to Essie’s desire for a baby?

It’s Essie’s first day in her new role as transplant co-ordinator, so she is a little thrown when Sacha asks if she meant it when she recently told him she wanted a baby – or was that just the wine talking? Essie and Sacha try and get on with their day, however, their attempt to avoid the issue is not helped when Sacha has to treat an exhausted mother, Roxanne. As Roxanne moans about the thankless task of parenting teenagers, Sacha’s curiosity over Essie’s future plans grows. When he sees Essie deep in conversation with obstetrician Mr T, his imagination runs riot!

Sacha admits to Essie he’s worried that their visions for their future together are too different but, later, inspired by Roxanne, Sacha tells Essie they should try for a baby – if that’s what she really wants, he’ll make that sacrifice. Essie, however, tells Sacha that his days of being bullied into decisions by the women in his life are over, she only wants what will make them both happy…

Meanwhile, Elliot is thrown when an old friend from med school, Brigitte, arrives with Ayesha and Zayn, two highly contagious and critically ill patients from Pakistan. As Elliot tries to strike a balance between helping his friend and caring for his other patients, he realises Brigitte has a very clear agenda – is she the woman Elliot remembers?

Also, Morven is delighted and intimidated when Serena takes an interest in her education and thinks she’s ready to spread her wings. Forced to stand on her own without Arthur, however, Morven finds her confidence wobbling, does she really have what it takes to fly?