Will Sahira be true to her feelings?

Try as she might to keep her distance from Greg following their recent kiss, Sahira finds herself drawn ever closer to him. They first team up over a patient, Abramo, who has two hearts following a transplant as a child.

Later, when Hanssen reminds Sahira she has a board members’ dinner to attend this evening to secure funding for the cardiac trauma unit, Greg offers to stand in for Elliot, who’s unable to join her.

Then, when Abramo is rushed into theatre, Sahira is forced to carry out the risky operation without Elliot and is grateful Greg’s there to assist. In theatre, they make a great team and the operation is a success.

After a tough day, Greg and Sahira attend the dinner, where Greg admires Sahira as she meets other guests. At the end of the evening, they are alone at the bar, talking intimately. Will Sahira be able to resist a goodnight kiss?

Meanwhile, a testing case arrives on Keller and puts everyone under pressure. When Ric learns there are issues with consent in the case, he refuses to go ahead. It’s a stressful time and Chantelle gets caught in the crossfire.

Also, Frieda still has to complete her F1 portfolio on AAU. With no other consultant available, she asks Michael Spence to assess her. But he’s supposed to be on Holby Care and doesn’t want to annoy Hanssen. Will he let Frieda fail?