Will Sally be Frank’s next victim? (VIDEO)

Anne’s onto Frank and Jenny, but as she questions him as to what it means for the business Frank suggests she should go and stay with her sister. Realising he’s rejecting both her and Sally from his life in favour of a future with Jenny a hurt Anne makes plans to go, but not before she’s warned Sally that Frank doesn’t care for her. Meanwhile, Jenny insists that Carla join her for a drink.

Peter accepts Carla’s apology for last night’s row, guilty at his own deception. Having witnessed the incident with Simon in the Rovers Ken urges Peter to consider the effects of his actions on Simon, but Peter isn’t listening as he’s consumed by his urge to drink. The signs are there for Carla to see, but she’s too consumed with her own problems.

As Lewis begins his community service picking up litter Gail fumes at the leniency of his punishment. She’s bickering about it with Audrey when the reviewer from the Gazette arrives at the Bistro (his last disastrous visit saw Gail lose a nail in his food!) Witnessing the fracas the reviewer’s appalled.

Also, Sally offers Eileen a few days off work to help care for Lesley; Rita’s fed up with Norris making jibes at Dennis.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Sally suggests she and Frank spend the evening together, but when he refuses her suspicions are fanned. Needing to know what Frank’s up to she turns up at his house where she finds Frank with a half dressed Jenny. Sally confronts Frank about stringing her along and threatens to expose his plans for the factory. Frank reminds her of the confidentiality clause in her contract, but when she tells him he doesn’t scare her Frank venomously spits that the last woman who crossed him lived to regret it. Realising he’s admitting to raping Carla, Sally’s now terrified.

Peter tries to excuse his drinking, but Carla’s unconvinced and confides in Ken. Ken warns her that for her relationship with Peter and Simon to work she’ll have to put them before the factory. Taking this on board Carla tells Peter she’s going to sell out to Frank.

Witnessing Nick’s pain as Gail and the reviewer have words Lewis steps in and charms Greg into staying. When he assumes Lewis works there Nick’s left with no choice, but to play along. Greg’s impressed by Lewis and promises a good review. Nick’s seen his potential, too, and offers Lewis a trial at the Bistro.

Also, Dennis resolves to look for a job; Eileen cares for Lesley.