In the Bistro, everyone is embarrassed for Sally as she stands in her wedding dress waiting for Tim. Her resolve soon starts to crumble when it becomes clear that Tim’s not coming and as her guests desert her she’s left stood alone like Miss Havisham!

Carla’s incredulous when Johnny reveals where Aidan really got his cash from and rages at him for lying to her. Aidan vows to make a success of his Underworld investment regardless of where the money came from

Tyrone’s exhaustion leads to a mistake at work and as he tries to pick up the pieces, Fiz struggles with the girls at home.

Craig is stunned when Caitlin turns up on the street and gives a pretty good reason for missing their date. Yasmeen struggles to prioritise her family over getting revenge on Tracy. Meanwhile, Michelle chats to her third cousin Kate about her upcoming wedding to soldier Tess.