Sally returns from her course enthusiastic about her potential new job and Julia is supportive. Patrick and Julia are horrified when Chloe mentions the car crash to Sally but they are able to make excuses. Later, Julia and Sally look at houses on the internet but Patrick insists he doesn’t want to move.

As Sally and Patrick argue, Julia tells them they should look at some houses with Jimmi and Cherry and their house-hunter tomorrow. At dinner, Chloe almost drops another clanger about Sian, but Patrick wriggles out of it and agrees to meet the house-hunter.

Meanwhile, Heston is working on his best barrister impression when Karen mentions Jack’s involvement in the court re-enactment. Heston is alarmed to learn that his counsel loses but Marina insists that was the original trial – times have moved on and an online jury will vote on the verdict.

At lunchtime, they meet Jack at the courtroom where the verbal sparring starts. Heston believes social morals have changed but Jack believes right and wrong haven’t. Concerned they might quit, Marina takes them both to dinner, bringing a student to distract Jack while she charms Heston herself.

Also, Imogen agrees that old friend Perry can stay at the Hollins’s on his release from police custody but can she avoid her dad?