Will Sally find student Vicky in time?

Pc Sally Armstrong responds to a call where she finds teacher Phil Talbot lying unconscious next to a bottle of vodka. She quickly discovers that Phil has been having problems with two teenage girls who he recently suspended for bullying fellow student, Vicky Quigley.

When Sally realises that Vicky is registered as a missing person, she pays a visit to Vicky�s worried mother, Sandra. The officers are shocked to learn that Vicky and Phil were having an affair. Their concern grows when they receive a static signal from Vicky’s phone and fear that when they reach the destination, they will uncover a body…

Elsewhere, while investigating a spate of local break-ins, Pcs Arun Ghir and Millie Brown set up a sting at a local car wash company that they believe is involved. With Pcs Ben Gayle and Tony undercover they discover that the owner, Deano, is duplicating drivers’ house keys to burgle their homes.

Armed with all the evidence they need, the officers approach the car wash, but Deano panics and leaves Millie and Arun wishing they had never left the comfort of Sun Hill that morning.