Will Sally give in to Frank?

Carla tells Peter she’s seething about Anne’s blackmail attempt and wants to have it out with Frank. Peter begs her not to make matters worse but he isn’t getting through. Frank meanwhile is hosting a New Years soiree at his house for business contacts. With Sally at his side he plays the host, but when a disgusted Carla hears they’re entertaining it looks like there’s about to be fireworks as she feels compelled to confront Frank.

Kirsty’s put out when Tina turns down the chance to go sales shopping with her and instead heads off alone. But she’s accosted by a store detective who insists on checking her bags. Tina fumes believing Kirsty has set her up. Meanwhile, when Fiz asks Kirsty if she and Tyrone will meet her for a New Year drink Kirsty insists they’re busy.

When Dev witnesses Kevin accusing Amber of being a troublemaker he’s shocked to hear that Amber kissed Sophie. But as Dev insists his daughter’s not gay Kevin suggests he check that detail with Amber and Sunita.

Also, Julie drags Eileen to a speed dating night at the bistro; Rosie’s unimpressed with her latest modelling job, a road safety campaign, but Jason’s chuffed when they want him too!

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Frank’s stunned as Carla gatecrashes the party. Hurt to see all her business associates socialising with Frank she starts to shout the odds, and feeling uncomfortable the guests leave. Carla then reveals how Anne tried to blackmail her into dropping the charges. Frank’s furious, but as he threatens to call the police Carla goes. Frank opens up to Sally about his fears of the trial. Sally’s supportive, but as Frank moves in for a kiss she’s stunned.

As Tina rants at Kirsty, accusing her of setting her up, she sounds irrational and Tyrone sides with Kirsty. They head to the pub, but Tyrone discovers Fiz invited them for drinks yet Kirsty failed to mention it.

Dev’s rocked by his discovery about Amber and lays into Sunita for keeping it a secret. Claiming she’d never be so blase about Aadi and Asha he accuses her of treating their children differently. Upset, Sunita pours her heart out to Stella, admitting their relationship is a mess!

Also, Eileen‘s speed dating experience ends in chaos when a prospective suitor accidentally sets off the fire alarm. But when Paul arrives to deal with the sirens it’s clear Paul is the only suitor she wants; Rosie and Jason start their photo shoot.