Will Sally give in to Jeff?

With Sophie away for the night, Sally takes the opportunity to entertain Jeff at home. She’s nervous throughout the evening and when Jeff realises she’s uncomfortable he offers to leave. But Sally wonders what to say when she notices how much he cares.

Becky tries to win a stubborn Steve round, but he’s still angry at her and worried about Liz. Meanwhile, Liz has decided it’s time to move on with her own life and wash her hands of Steve and Becky. Calling in the pub to collect her things she tells Steve that Becky is going to ruin his life and she’s not staying around to watch it happen. But in a hotel bar Liz is met by a familiar face who makes her sees things in a new light, and face up to her problems.

Gail warns Frank how Tracy murdered her last boyfriend. But when Frank confront’s Tracy with the news, she’s quick to explain it was self-defence. She’s clearly furious though and dishes some revenge out Gail’s way.

Also, Janice calls into the factory for her P45 and is touched when the girls give her some money as a leaving gift. Leaving nicely flushed she decides what to do with the money.

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