Will Sam leave Dexter and Ava?

Ava is devastated to realise that the only reason Sam tracked her down was because he wanted Dexter’s kidney. Sam begs Ava not to tell Dexter, insisting they both mean too much to him. When Sam can’t tell Ava he loves her, Ava realises that it’s over. Ava gives Sam an ultimatum – either stay around forever or leave now. Unable to deal with the responsibility, Sam leaves the Square, lying to Dexter it’s for just a few days.

Lola is jealous when Peter compliments nurse Laura, so she invites a guy called Dean that she met at the pool hall in a bid to get him back. Trying to put Dean off Lola doesn’t work, but Peter snaps when Dean suggests Lola is easy, hitting him. Despite his gallant actions, however, Peter ends up insulting Lola, who leaves the party hurt but defiant.

Lauren comforts Joey over his worry for Alice. When she realises Joey is seeing Janine, she’s disappointed that he’s moved on from her. After seeing Joey with Lauren, Janine is jealous but Joey reassures her that nothing is going on between him and Lauren. Joey encourages Janine to open up to him.